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With Los Garcias Construction, you can expect a dependable construction service! You can retain service from a team to provide perfection for any of your home projects in Fort Walton Beach, FL!





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Drywall and Painting

Drywall and Painting

Our job description is to offer pristine interior and exterior painting, drywall repairs, or finishing work! And, might we add, we're impeccable every step of the way. Perfection is what you'll get!
Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

With all remodeling or construction projects - you're going to need something more durable to wash away the tough stains and leftover mess. Let our pressure washing skills help in the matter!
Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

We'll fully remodel your bathroom and kitchen and won't waste time doing it! Our skills have reached far, and we'll be able to provide excellent countertops, backsplash, and cabinet installation!


Whether we're working with laminate flooring or installing baseboards - we're concerned with one thing - quality! We make it so everything fits perfectly, and you have a gorgeous floor in the end!


Are you interested in seeing your future property built upon a sturdy frame? We'll offer our wood frame construction so that whatever you're building will last, and the frame will hold the pressure!
Window and Door Installation

Window and Door Installation

Should your door or window squeak each time you try to open and close it? No! We'll execute our professional installation not only for the beauty but for the quality results!
Home Insulation

Home Insulation

Let's insulate your home so you don't feel the outside temperatures and stay as protected as possible. We'll make sure that whatever temperature you want to keep - you will be able to!
Deck and Fence Construction

Deck and Fence Construction

We have a very important quality we look for when constructing a deck or fence - stability and a sturdy structure! That's why you should focus on - as well as beauty, of course!
Roofing and Siding

Roofing and Siding

Are you sure you can make your roof and siding exceptional without much skill? You might want to rethink the idea and hire our skilled contractors for the guarantee of excellence! 


Hardscaping with us includes concrete patios and porches, laying down pavers, construction of retaining walls, and even block work. It's all the professional hardscaping services you can want!
Sidewalk and Driveway Construction

Sidewalk and Driveway Construction

Our residential foundation construction covers laying down your sidewalks and driveways and repairing them when damage occurs. Please - try out what perfection looks like!

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Construction You Can Depend On

Construction isn’t as easy as gluing something together and hoping it stays – it’s a lot more technical and requires more skill to be excellent. Whatever project you’re taking on needs to be stable and dependable in the end – it’s that simple. And if you can’t provide that dependability yourself – you need to look at other options to complete different projects. That may mean looking around to find the finest construction contractor in town!

Contractors Who Provide Excellence

You need contractors who will provide excellence all the way through and not hesitate to do everything they’re supposed to to make your dream projects come true. You don’t need amateurs who will mess up the approach and not give 100% – that’s not what will give you the perfection you need. And we want to provide that perfection because that’s the kind of contractors you deserve to work with and retain services from. And your home deserves to be impeccable in every way!

More Areas We Serve

We’re relevant only if more people know who we are and what we’re about. That means spreading our and getting more people to see our brilliance and eye for perfection. It was a clear plan for us, and we’re glad we got to do it!

  • Ocean, FL
  • Lake Lorraine, FL
  • Valparaiso, FL
  • Mary Esther, FL
  • Eglin AFB, FL

Call Los Garcias Construction and request our exceptional construction and remodeling services for your home in Fort Walton Beach, FL! We want everything to be impeccable, from the smallest to the largest detail, and believe us, we can make it so.

by Jason Lakers on Los Garcias Construction
Excellent Residential Foundation Construction!

That's the kind of residential foundation construction I was looking for -guys with skills radiating from them and work that gets the job done. I am grateful. Thank you to every hard-working employee who talked out the process with me and made the construction easy and high-quality. I would recommend one of the guys working at this company!

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  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bathroom Remodeling
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  • Flooring
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  • Window and Door Installation
  • Home Insulation
  • Deck and Fence Construction
  • Roofing and Siding
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  • Sidewalk and Driveway Construction
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